online courses

  CEUs     CEUs
Abuse & Neglect for Outpatient Treatment Facility Staff 2 Medication Administration for Direct Care Staff 3
Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation in Residential Treatment Centers 8 Methadone Maintenance Treatment 3
Adolescent Development for Direct Care Staff 3 Motivational Interviewing (MI) 4
Adolescent Development & Substance Use Treatment for Counselors 8 New Employee Orientation for Substance Abuse Treatment Providers 0
Alcohol and Drug Detoxification 3 Nonviolent Crisis Intervention 4
Alzheimer's Disease 3 Overview: Treatment of Substance Related Disorders 4
Autism 3 Pain and the Substance User 3
Burnout 3 Pharmacotherapy and Opiates 3
Child Development: Cognitive & Personality 4 Poly-Drug Use 2
Clinical Documentation 6 Prevention Ethics: Ethics for Behavioral Healthcare Professionals 3
Clinical Supervision Part 1: Foundations 3 Recovery Management Competency 2
Clinical Supervision Part 2: Practice 9 Recovery Management for People of Color Competency 3
Clinical Supervision Part 3: Special Issues 4 Risk and Resiliency 3
Clinical Supervision Part 4- Approaches 14 Screening and Assessment for Behavioral Healthcare Professionals 8
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 6 Seeking Safety 3
Confidentiality Of Mental Health And Substance Abuse Records 3 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 2
Cultural Competency 3 Strengthening Families 3
Drug Screening Procedures 3 Stress Management 3
DSM-IV: Psychiatric Disorders 4 Substance Abuse Prevention across the Lifespan 4
DSM-IV: Substance Related Disorders 4 Substance Abuse Treatment of HIV Positive Persons 3
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 8 Suicide and Homicide Prevention 3
Food Safety 1 The Recovery Experience 6
HIV, STD, TB & Hepatitis Training for Counselors 4 TC (Therapeutic Community) Model for Direct Care Staff 16
HIV, STD, TB & Hepatitis Training for Direct Care Staff 4 TC (Therapeutic Community) Model for Residential Counselors 16
HIV Workplace Guidelines (DSHS) 1 TC (Therapeutic Community) Annual Update for Direct Care Staff 8
Introduction to Alcohol and Drug Primer 8 TC (Therapeutic Community) Annual Update for Residential Counselors 8
Introduction to Substance Abuse Prevention 3 Trauma Informed Care 3
Medicaid Eligibility Training 0 Treating the Multiple Needs Offender 3
    Treatment of the Pregnant Woman with a Substance Use Disorder 4