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Become a Certified NVCI Instructor

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor Certification Course
Outline and Structure

Course Length: 12 hours (LCDC, SW, LPC, RSS CEU’s available)

Certification Length: No Expiration

Course Cost: One Time Fee of $1,500- No Renewal Fees

Applicable For: Residential, Outpatient, Recovery Support, Drop-In, Opioid Treatment programs- Adult
and Youth


SafeClinch Verbal De-Escalation training is designed for behavioral healthcare professionals who work directly in crisis situations. This training focuses on de-escalation techniques, risk assessment, and nonrestrictive interventions. Our training program is targeted for persons who provide services in the addiction industry. This course will teach the participant how to train healthcare staff to safely interact with individuals who are experiencing a crisis. This course is not meant to teach the participant crisis intervention techniques, but rather, how to lead a workshop in which participates gain competency in verbal de-escalation skills.

This a 12-hour Instructor Certification Program that combines online learning and instructor-led synchronous virtual instruction. The instructor-led synchronous virtual instruction is 1:1 instruction and is scheduled with the student upon successful completion of the online portion of the course.

How It Works

Online Course (10 hours): Before your individual instruction, you must complete an online curriculum, which includes an introduction to verbal de-escalation and nonviolent crisis intervention as well as valuable train-the-trainer review content. You will review course content, dig deeper into SafeClinch modules, and learn important facilitation strategies to maximize your training. You may begin the online portion of training immediately.

Live Synchronous Individualized Instruction (2 hours): Upon completion of you online course, you will schedule a 1:1 instruction session with the Director of the program. This will be scheduled via video conferencing. During this session you will have an opportunity to clarify any content. The instructor will assist you in organizing your content and prepare for your first training. The instructor will also role play common scenarios that may present during a training.

Optional Additional Instruction (1 hour): After your first training, you can schedule a second mentoring session with the director. During this session and revisions will be made to your format and you will have an opportunity to discuss your experience and receive addition instruction, if needed.

Upon completion of the online course, the live virtual training, and the online exam, you will be certified to teach the SafeClinch Verbal De-Escalation training program. This certification does not expire, you are not required to take recertification course. We may offer updates or refreshers occasionally; these will be at no cost to you.

Online Course Topics

➢ How to Organize a Workshop
➢ Administrative Activities of Instructor
➢ Overview of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Programs
➢ SafeClinch Method
➢ Understanding Precursors to Crisis and the “normal state of being”
➢ Rapport Building and Communication
➢ Motivating Persons in Crisis
➢ Multiple Non-Violent De-escalation Techniques

Virtual Class Topics

➢ HHSC Mandates
➢ How to Organize a Workshop- Eight essential skills of engagement and knowledge retention
➢ Administrative Activities of Instructor
➢ Personalizing To You Organization


➢ Downloadable Instructor Certification Upon Course Completion
➢ Free e-book “Verbal De-Escalation for Persons in Position of Authority”
➢ Downloadable instructor tool kit with all written and electronic materials needed to teach course

Aligns With

➢ Texas HHSC Facility Licensure
➢ Joint Commission
➢ OSHA General Duty / Workplace Violence Prevention Clause
➢ Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
➢ Centers for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS)

About the Founder

Alan developed SafeClinch Training System, which is a crisis intervention program and has been training instructors at the Federal, State, and Local levels for over fifteen years. Alan possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Central Missouri State University in Missouri and a Master’s Degree in Management from Baker University in Kansas. He has work experience in the private and public industry dealing with juvenile and adult special needs populations. His experience is in security operations; investigations; and programs. Alan has held various management roles and has an extensive background in classroom instruction. He has instructed classes in the following areas: use of force, use of mechanical restraints, emergency procedures,
verbal de-escalation skills, and CPR to name a few. Alan also spent five years with the Missouri Criminal Investigations Bureau, as a Special Agent.

Alan has been actively involved with the martial arts disciplines of judo and jujitsu for over 20 years; and holds advance black belt certifications. This martial arts experience, coupled with his professional work with juvenile and adult special needs populations, has given him the insight to recognize the necessity for staff personnel to have more tools at their disposal when dealing with hostile and aggressive clients.

Alan serves as an expert witness and will conduct a critical incident review for any agency using the SafeClinch verbal de-escalation and physical restraint system. Alan is considered an expert in unarmed use of force scenarios through his experience teaching defensive tactics and working with out of control clients.

Alan is the owner and head instructor of Northland Grappling in Kansas City, Missouri

About the Instructor

Dr. Rhonda G. Patrick is a social work educator, researcher, and practitioner, Licensed in Texas as a Clinical Social Worker. Dr. Patrick has over 30 years of clinical, administrative, and governmental social work practice experience. Her skills include providing high level consulting services for state agencies, educational institutions, research organizations, and non-profit agencies. She is currently Chief Executive Officer and Principal Consultant of Blue Basin, Inc., a behavioral Health consulting firm, providing business consultation services to addiction organizations. These services include new business start-up, strategic turn-around, corporate compliance, program design, implementation and evaluation, revenue development, and general
business administration and management.

Dr. Patrick is an educator teaching graduate and undergraduate social work and addiction courses. She is the owner and principal developer of BHC Training, a Web Based Learning Management Company with over 4,500 active students where the mission is about the educational and professional development of behavioral health professionals. Dr. Patrick is also the founder and director of a new career college, Institute for Addiction Education. The college focus is to train licensed chemical dependency counselors and provide certificate programs for a variety of specialties.

Dr. Patrick is an active researcher, who earned her PhD in Social Work from the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work. Her research interests include: Impact of Local, State, and Federal Policy Changes on Addiction, Quality of Life and Substance Using Populations, Harm Reduction, Resiliency Theory and Recovery Capital in Young Adults with Substance Use Disorders, Social Work and Entrepreneurship-Blended Programming, Planning and Implementation of Online Education Degree Programs, Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education.

Terms & Conditions

1. General

By registering for a Institute for Addiction Education course, you are acknowledging your agreement with all the Institute for Addiction Education Terms and Conditions listed below. These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time and you will be deemed to have accepted all amendments if you use the website after the date the amendments were posted.

2. Fees

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3. Delivery

Registrants will receive a confirmation email when registered. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact Institute for Addiction Education ( to ensure your registration has been received.

4. Refunds and Cancellations

Institute for Addiction Education will refund your registration fees if you provide us written notice of your cancellation 3 or more business days in advance of the day of your registered live class and if you have not started any online course. You must provide this written notice to us via email at may not transfer your registration to another person.

5. Full Attendance Required:

In order be marked as having attended and completed a class, registrants must be present for the full duration of the class. Arriving late or leaving early will disqualify any registrant from obtaining a certificate of completion containing continuing education information.

6. Photography

By registering to and attending an Institute for Addiction Education program, you agree to the following:

1. That the Institute for Addiction Education, its employees and contractors may take, store, edit and utilize photographs or video recordings of me taken during the program.

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7. Variation of Program

Institute for Addiction Education intends to run all courses as advertised but reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course without notice due to low enrollment, weather conditions, instructor illness, or other unforeseeable circumstances. If so, we will offer a transfer or a full refund of a paid registration.

8. Email Subscription

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10. Accommodations

If you would like to request any accommodations related to your ability to access a course or courses you have registered for, please contact us in writing at least 5 business days in advance of your registered course so that we can determine whether and how we might be able to accommodate your requests.

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