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FY2023 HHSC Training Supplements and Help Guides

Aug 1, 2022


These support documents are intended to help you to document your HHSC facility licensure mandated face-to-face, in-person, and/or agency-specific processes. We have provided a general outline of the information that you should cover, some student handout material you can provide, and general “in-house” certificates you can use to place in the employee file.

In addition, we have provided you with a sample of an annual in-service training schedule. We encourage you to create an organized training plan with content outlines. This will help you to better meet your training requirements.

You will find an initial and annual training checklist to help you organize the training section of your personnel file. And three “competency” checklists have been included to complement your in-person training. These are intended to document verification of training and competency of specific agency procedures and tasks. While HHSC rules do not explicitly require this, TAC 448 wording is “demonstrated competency.” HHSC has begun asking for documentation of demonstrated competency. If you are accredited this documentation will help you as well.

These are not intended as advice, but as guides to help you achieve compliance with your facility training requirements. Feel free to modify as you see fit for your organization and customize your internal certificate.


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