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Getting Set Up

Getting set up is easy. You simply use the contact us link and email us with your interest. We will send you an email with a summary of the costs and benefits and then schedule a time to speak with you by phone and answer any questions that you may have. Once you tell us you are ready to start, we will send you a spreadsheet to complete with all your students who need enrollment. This is returned to our coordinator and your company is created and students uploaded. Once this is completed you will receive an invoice from our accounting department for the initial set-up costs which will need to be paid before we activate your company. You will receive a list of user names and passwords. Once you have paid your invoice you can begin training.

In order to keep our costs low, we do not staff an office during regular business hours. However we do respond to emails within 2 hours and we have 24hr support for the LMS. As such you will see no phone number listed on the website. Please send us an email or use the contact form and we will call you back.

Behavioral Healthcare Training Network