How It Works

How Do We Use It

BHC Training provides a multitude of vehicles to meet your specific training needs through our LMS and/or through content development and delivery. Our LMS system and course materials are intended and geared specifically for individual and companies in the addiction and dual disorders industry. Our library is customized to meet the regulatory training requirements where you do business, as well as CARF and Joint Commission Accreditation requirements. In addition to the course we have in our library, we are also able to create customized content based on specific needs of the organization.

Rural/Remote/High Traffic Area Considerations

In some parts of the United States internet services are limited. Depending on the area where you reside your internet service may be limited. The majorities of our course are “Flash” content and use video and other applications that often require average internet speeds. If you are relying on cellular service, satellite service, or other non-broadband service our courses will have difficulty operating and video will not play at all. Additionally if you are in a high traffic user area your speeds may be affected as well or if you have many employees using the internet (cellular phones, mobile devices, computers, phone system) in your place of business this will also impact your ability to view courses. For more information about coverage in your area go to You may also want to test your internet speed and network speed and you can find tools to do this online.

Product Review

This is our home page. Students and administrators can get information about courses and log in to their training or administrative portals from here.

When you select the login button it will take you to your training portals and you will login using your assigned name and password.

Once you log on it takes you to a home screen where you can navigate. You can change your profile information, get to your course you are enrolled in, register for additional courses, and view your transcripts. We also have reference library for your needs.

Your course roster looks like this and tells you where you are in the process. In order to obtain a certificate of completion you must review the entire course, complete a satisfaction evaluation, take a short test, and then you can print out the certificate.

You may register for additional courses (if your supervisor has given you permission). Registering is a one click process and once completed the course will them be placed in you “My Courses” area.

Lastly, all your courses are recorded on your transcript. This can be printed out and your supervisor can review as well. If you need another copy of your certificate you can print it here.

The Administrator has some great benefits as well. We have created customer guides to help you with how to enroll students, inactive students, and run essential reports. There is an administrator manual that explains in detail how to navigate your administrator portal. We have a library of step-by-step guides to help you use the LMS meet your needs.