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What It Costs?

BHC Training provides a hosted Learning Management System (LMS) with content. Our course library is specific to the needs of the addiction industry and is limited.  To keep things simple and user friendly, we limit our library to our most popular content.  If you don’t see something let us know and either we have it in our large internal library or we can create it.

Our fees are based on the number of students using the LMS each month (Monthly Maintenance Fee) and an annual user license fee.

Number of Enrolled Users

Monthly Maintenance Fee

12 Month User License Fee


No Fee

$150 per user


$85 per month

$40 per user


$150 per month

$40 per user


$250 per month

$40 per user

The monthly maintenance fee is a flat rate based on the number of users each month. We base this fee on the number of active users in your company on the 1st of each month. The fee can change depending on the number of users, so we encourage companies to monitor the user enrollments and make sure to inactive terminated employees.

The annual user license fee grants the registered user legally authorized access to the content. This allows the user to take any course in the library for one 12-month period. If at the end of the 12-month period the student is still active, the company will be charged an annual renewal fee.

For companies that will enroll less than 10 users per year, we charge a flat fee of $150 per user, per year. This covers the student license fee and maintenance costs.

One important thing to remember is that given the federal and state regulation around record retention, you can neither “recycle” or delete students nor reuse their license. Each user is issued a license which gives them access to the training content and is tied to their continuing education credits and other regulatory bodies. It is a system for proving and tracking that the person registered for the training was the actual user and prevents issues of records falsification, which is a felony in many states. The company (payer) will be the holder of that license, but the user will be responsible for following the rules related to the license. Because the company holds the license, the user account belongs to the company and not the user. As such, a license cannot be transferred to another company.


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While we have a library of ready courses, we can customize your experience.  We can create organization-specific content and courses.  Course development is priced at an hourly rate and is dependent upon the material needed, amount of research required, and type of authoring tools requested.

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We invoice companies monthly utilizing QuickBooks and their online payment system. Invoices are generated on the 5th of each month and emailed to the designated billing contact. Payment is due within 10 days of receipt of the invoice. Invoices include the monthly maintenance fee as well as any fees for new enrollments or renewals. The maintenance fee is billed for the upcoming month and the student fees are billed for the previous month. We have a variety of payment mechanisms including credit card, debit card, bank draft, company check. Our preference is that companies pay via bank draft or company check.

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Generally, you have two options when purchasing an LMS; buying directly from an LMS vendor or an LMS Partner that hosts the LMS and provides you with content. Both options pose unique benefits and challenges; we are happy to give you real advice and direction as you choose the platform that best meets the needs of your organization. Even if it’s not ours.