What It Costs

BHC TRAINING PRICING (Effective 1/2017)

We provide a hosted LMS with content. Our library is specific to the needs of the addiction industry. We limit our library so to not overwhelm customers and users, so if you don’t see something let us know and either we have it in our large internal library or we can create it. We charge based on the number of students using the training each month (Monthly Maintenance Fee) and an annual user license fee.

Number of Enrolled Users Monthly Maintenance Fee 12 Month User License Fee
1-10 No Fee $150 per user
11-50 $85 per month $40 per user
51-250 $150 per month $35 per user
251+ $250 per month $30 per user

The monthly maintenance fee is used to cover our administrative, IT, tech support, and other platform management costs. This is a flat rate based on the number of users each month. We base this fee on the number of active users in your company on the 1st of each month. The fee can change depending on the number of users, so we encourage companies to monitor the user enrollments and make sure to inactive terminated employees.

The annual user license fee is an annual fee that grants the registered user legally authorized access to the content. This allows the user to take any course in the library for one 12 month period. At the end of the 12 month period if the student is still active, the company will be bill an annual renewal fee.

For companies that will enroll less than 10 users per year, we charge a flat rate per user that covers the student license fee and maintenance costs, this rate is $150 per user per year.

One important thing to remember is that given the federal and state regulation around record retention, you cannot “recycle” or delete students, especially in our industry, and reuse their license. Each user is issued a license which gives them access to the training content and is tied to their continuing education credits and other regulatory bodies. It is a system for proving and tracking that the person registered for the training was the actual user and prevents issues of records falsification, which is a felony in many states. The company (Payer) will be the holder of that license, but the user will be responsible for following the rules related to the license. Additionally, by the company holding the license, the user account belongs to the company and not the user, and as such they cannot transfer it to another company without your permission.

Lastly, while we offer support (at no additional cost to you) across the entire spectrum of need from technology support to user and administrative support, we do this via request through our website by submitting a support ticket. We have a 24 hour turn-around, although we generally are able resolve issues quickly. However, we like to be upfront and let you know that we are a small company and complex technological issues may take us longer to resolve.


Custom content, configuration (training programs), and course development is prices on an hourly rate and dependent on the material needed, amount of research required, and type of authoring tool requested. The hourly rate is $100 per hour. In developing a course we discuss your needs and ideas, and available material and then provide you with a written quote and work plan. Once we agree upon a price, this is paid through our website.


We invoice companies monthly utilizing QuickBooks and their online payment system. Invoices are generated on the 5th of each month and emailed to the designated billing contact. Payment is due within 10 days of receipt of the invoice. Invoices include the monthly maintenance fee as well as any fees for new enrollments or renewals. The maintenance fee is billed for the upcoming month and the student fees are billed for the previous month. We have a variety of payment mechanisms including credit card, debit card, bank draft, company check. Our preference is that companies pay via bank draft or company check.


Generally you have two options when purchasing and LMS, you can buy directly from and LMS Vendor or you can buy through a LMS Partner that hosts the LMS and provides you with content. There are some risks and benefits, along with hidden costs for you to consider when purchasing.


When you buy direct, the initial cost may appears cheaper, however what you are purchasing is the technology platform usually in a basic shell format and it will your responsibility to customize the shell. Now some companies offer more help than others but generally you will have additional costs around $10,000 for webpage development and design, costs around structuring and uploading staff and courses into your LMS, and costs related to integration. Additionally you will have to manually enter any training history. Lastly, the type technical support you may receive will only be related to the “technology” of the LMS. If you have user or design issues, you will generally receive very little in assistance. So as a general rule of thumb add an additional $15,000-$20,000 in your quoted costs. This does not include what it will cost you in time away from your regular duties and stress.

The costs for a hosted system vary widely, but most provide the same thing a predesigned LMS with a content library. We have noticed that the larger the library, the higher the cost, regardless of your ability or desire to use all of those material. A hosted site usually charges by student enrollment and has some initial setup fees, depending on what you need and the level of design required and the company you select. These can run anywhere from $2,000-$20,000. So you really need to explore what you are getting by asking for a detailed work plan before you sign the contract and pay the money. Additionally, really explore the content library, don’t just take their word that they have what you need, ask them to show you and request to preview the courses. This way you can assess for yourself what you are buying, and if it is what you need.

Student enrollment fees vary as well and are often tied to the number of courses. Some hosting companies do bulk pricing, some individual, some do monthly, some annual, some all of the above. It can get really complicated and unless you are sitting there with an excel spreadsheet you’ll have no idea how much it will really costs you over the year. If you are a high turnover industry, individual subscriptions can get costly. Additionally the size of your company or business is a significant costs factor.  Both direct and hosted LMS companies are geared toward medium to large organization and they make no allowance for companies with less than 25 employees. We are one of the few hosting companies that have done all versions to find the best mix that meets the needs of our clients as well as our financial goals. Six years of trial and error has led us to a balanced pricing plan that works regardless of industry, company size, and turnover factors.

With other LMS companies, support services are varied and many outsource this process and the average turnaround is the next business day. Tech support for IT issues is easier to resolve. Many hosting companies tell you they are available 24/7; however this is often not realistic. My suggestion is to test out their support function and see how long it takes them to respond and what kind of response you get. Remember, the marketing teams job is to sell you a product, so don’t just accept what they tell you, try it out yourself.